Many of us want not only to have a pleasant holiday, surrounded by the luxurious services of 5* hotels, but also to get to the resort without difficulty and unnecessary fuss. After all, rest begins at passport control. And how much inconvenience did you have to meet at the airport?

Now you can forget about the feeling of waiting, because with our VIP services traveling becomes easier and more enjoyable.

 We offer you two options:

 Fast track - one of the services provided by the VIP airport service. It translates as "fast way" and allows you to check-in at the waiting area, but out of line. An assistant is available to provide support to the guest.

You can save time at passport control and baggage inspection if you take a fast track.

You can book it at least 24 hours before your flight.

  Cip Terminal is a separate building between the first and second terminals (Antalya airport). The terminal is designed to provide personalized and expedited customs clearance procedures for tourists on the arrival and departure of their flight. The terminal provides full privacy for its passengers.

You will be pleased with silence, calmness and comfort, as befits this type of service.

You shouldn’t worry about anything, because the Consul Travel Service creates all conditions for your rest. Starting from meeting at the airport we will always available for you, so you leave your troubles to us and enjoy Turkish sun and sea warmth. In other words - Life Well, Travel Often.

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